Sunday, October 11, 2009

Communication Breakdown


"Communication breakdown,
It's always the same,
I'm havin a nervous breakdown,
Drive me INSANE!!!"

Thanks Jimmy and Robert. Always know how to put it succinctly.
"Suck what?"
"Succinctly, it means perfectly."

I figured I would name this little experiment "Communication Breakdown" because 1) I gots a LOT of communication in my brain that needs to/should/will be broken down on paper and 2) I love Led Zeppelin. Those seemed like the two main reasons most people start blogs, so I thought I'd take a whack at it.

I like to think of it as giving the world a free backstage pass to my worldviews, venting sessions and social/political commentary (thanks to Danny T for that last line) that have, regrettably, for the past 22 years been limited to family and friends; although I recognize that most of my audience will consist of those bless-ed individuals. It'll just be like talking to all of you at the same time. As of late it seems there hasn't been any outlet for my ramblings, and it has consequentially "drive(n) me INSANE!"

In addition to the pearls of wisdom I will be dispensing upon the human race that has access to the World Wide Web, I also plan on experimenting a bit with my fiction. No doubt to the delight of my bastion of faithful readers I will be posting short stories, vignettes, and perhaps even some poetry/lyrics from time to time. Writing has always been one of my passions, and I want to improve those skills the good Lord has seen fit to bless me with.

Hemingway used to treat writing like a 9-5 job, work on it every day; I won't be working full-time on my writing, but I will be working on it, striving to get better. That's not a personal comparision to Hemingway, just an example of how I can learn from a master.

So I hope you enjoy this grand experiment. At the very least I know Mom & Dad will think my writing is brilliant. That might be my only victory, but it's something, eh?



  1. cheers to that. i'm glad i could be part of your second post, and your very first blog commenteer (like commandeer...pirates). thank you very much.